Stock Shootings this Year

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Shootings I’ve planned this year so far.

The Baroque Shoot

Months ago I had this idea for the baroque stock shooting. I was searching for weeks to find the perfect clothes and accessories. Some of my nice watchers helped me out, donated some money. I wanted to do this shoot last year but it was a very soon winter so I decided to wait until spring when the weather is better. I think a good shoot need’s a good location so I will wait until the perfect day. This is the first time I want to show you what I’ve collected for the shooting. I’m very excited because I definitely want to turn into a sexy Versaille maiden.
The bodice is custom made. I was searching so long for the best bodice. Then I decided to order one. Thanks to Damsel in this Dress

There is just one thing I would love to have for this shooting: a baroque wig. I found wigs I felt in love with but I guess I never can pay them. What do you think about them?

Copyrighted (c) Maskenzauber

LotR – Warrior Shooting

I bought a new pattern for a Lord of the Rings inspired dress. I’m still searching for the right fabric but I can’t wait to sew it. I plan a nice shooting in white dress and of course some warrior poses with weapons made by my brother. (e.g. bow, sword or axe)

Victorian Lady Shoot

I tried a victorian shooting before but it wasn’t the victorian shooting I wanted to do. So I’m searching for the right accessories and clothes for a good shooting. I found a great victorian jacket, but I still need a bustle.

Copyrighted (c) XtraX

The Need for Nude Stock

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First of all: I don’t want to offend anybody. I don’t mean specific people. These are just quick thoughts.

Sometimes I come to this topic – maybe two times in a year. Nude Stock.
Why do we need nude stock? Painters and drawers need naked bodies to study the human body – muscles, bones, sinews etc. Painting human bodies is hard and you really have to know how it works. I had a drawing course and I had to learn how to draw a human. It was hard but very interesting.
Many people know from deviantART what stocks are good for, too. Photomanipulations. A naked body can be the perfect thing to achieve the imagination you have in your mind. People don’t need pretty clothed people for their works all the time.

But there is one big problem I have with nude stock. I don’t think that all nude stockers have this in mind. I don’t understand why people think they should do nude stock just because of the visits. Yes, you get visits with nude stock. You get favs, comments and attention. There are not only artists and art lovers on deviantART. This site is a perfect place for everybody who`s interested in some nude photos. And there are tons of them.
This is nothing against nude stock – this is something against people who need to show pics of their nude body just for attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I like nude stocks. There are some great stockers with amazing poses and ideas. But if you ever browsed deep through the categories of nude model stocks you will find a lot of pics that have nothing to do with real stock – just blurry, dark pictures of people who have to show their boobs, butts and whatever to the world. (Of course not just in the nude stock category) Someone told me because they have low self-esteem – well, this could be one of the reasons.

Actually I don’t care much about what other people do. These are just thoughts because more and more people that I watch decided to do nude stocks. Sometimes I wonder why because their “normal” stocks are great and they don’t need nude stocks. But – of course – I know they just to them for people who could need them.

Will I ever make nude stocks? No.
Maybe you wonder why (while I’m just wondering why I should do it). Do I think I’m pretty? Well, I guess other people think that. But I’m just pleased – with my face and my body. No, I shouldn’t feel ashamed to make nude stock. But WHO needs to see my body? I’m happy and there are hundreds of people who provide nude stock and will provide nude stock in the future. No need for me.

I never will understand why people will ask me for nude stock. They can have my poses with clothes. So why should I do nude stock? Just for all those who interested in my naked body? No, if they like my stock they will like it with clothes. No needs for messages like You should start doing nude photos before you get too old.(Yes, I got this message!)

And I forgot to say: Stock is my hobby. I don’t need people who say that I have to buy special things for my stock. I don’t need people who try to tell me, WHAT I have to do. They don’t pay me. This is not my job. I never will be tired of saying this.

As I said, these are just thoughts. I think I will delete this blog entry later because I don’t need it in the future.

Cover Art

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Since I’m a stock model I had the oppotunities to be on book covers, CD covers, calendars, a tarot desks etc. I hope I will have the chance to have this chance with my own digital art or photography someday. To show you some of the commercial work with my stock, I made this list:

Book Cover

Doppelgänger by Marie Brennan
Doppelgänger by Marie Brennan – Cover made by greenfeed

Hexenkrieger by Marie Brennan
Hexenkrieger by Marie Brennan – Cover made by greenfeed

The Den of Shadows Quartet by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
The Den of Shadows Quartet by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – Cover made by bitchinblack

Die strahlende Stadt by Kate Forsyth
Die strahlende Stadt by Kate Forsyth – Cover made by iardacil

Les Anges de l'Ombre by Malaika Macumi
Les Anges de l’Ombre by Malaika Macumi – Cover made by Wishmistress

Passion by Lauren Kate
Passion by Lauren Kate – Cover made by Fernanda Brussi

When we Collide by A.L. Jackson
When we collide by A.L. Jackson – Cover made by Roser Portella Florit

Fire Gate by Pendragon Inman
Fire Gate by Pendragon Inman – Cover made by Taryn Knight

Taste by Kate Evangelista
Taste by Kate Evangelista – Cover made by Lilyana Sanches

Blood in the Valley by J.K. Hogan
Blood in the Valley by J.K. Hogan – Cover made by Roser Portella Florit

CD Cover

Evilion Vanity

In the Image of – Cover made by Wishmistress

Dead Leaf Pulse - A Shining Light in the Darkness
Dead Leaf Pulse

Infinity Overture
Infinity Overture – Cover made by Wishmistress

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year 2011! I hope you had a great start in this new year and that your plans and wishes come true.

I thought about my plans for this new year. I made a small list to remember me.

  • Finish my novel
  • Make my baroque stock series
  • Find more time and energy for all the stock series I planned
  • Make more art which is waiting in my head
  • Try out my new camera (Canon EOS 500D)

Today I will try to follow the first point. I will write the last chapter of my novel. But after that the most difficult part has to start – I have to read and overwrite it until I’m totally satisfied with it. This will take months.

Children Patchwork Blanket

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Because of my new job which I have since September 1st I didn’t find time to make anything. The whole free time I need to make the birthday present for my little niece. She was born three weeks ago and I wanted to make a very special present for her first Christmas. So I started my first patchwork blanket ever. I never did any patchwork so it was new and funny for me. I hope the blanket turned out well. I guess my little niece likes it because she slept very good on it :)

Children Patchwork Blanket
Next year I will have a new job. This means more time for me and my loves: art and writing. I guess you will hear more from me next months. Till now I don’t find the time to answer all messages or look at the newest arts. I hope you understand this.

Merry Christmas!

Tolkien and Hobbits

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It started nine years ago when I was watching The Lord of the Rings in the cinema. The news about the new Hobbit movie were so great and I’m so excited about the new movie, that I decided to make a little news website about the upcoming Hobbit movie. Sorry for all english visitors, but the site is in german. As I mentioned in my services list I do websites and layouts so if you’re intersted in seeing what I can do feel free to visit my Hobbit Movie News website.

Art is Love and Writing is Passion

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This is still my Blog, but without the art and stock – just thoughts and news. I made a special site about me and my art. If you’re interested in a short artist bio, portfolio and links to all my online galleries, please visit Everwhite. It’s a clean and simple site just about my art, because that’s the most important thing – pictures.

But I’m more than just a stock model who makes art out of her own stock. Well, I started traditional art when I was a child. deviantART became one of my favorite places on the internet. I love to browse through the brilliant galleries and I guess art is an important part of my life. But I guess nobody knows that there is a second thing that means the same to me as art – writing. Eight years ago I started to write poems, short stories and novels. At the moment I work on two stories. Since two years I have the ideas for those and the first draft of one of them is nearly completed. I’m very excited about that because I wrote the first chapter one year ago. I hope that my writing passion will end successfully like my art.