Stock Shootings this Year

Shootings I’ve planned this year so far.

The Baroque Shoot

Months ago I had this idea for the baroque stock shooting. I was searching for weeks to find the perfect clothes and accessories. Some of my nice watchers helped me out, donated some money. I wanted to do this shoot last year but it was a very soon winter so I decided to wait until spring when the weather is better. I think a good shoot need’s a good location so I will wait until the perfect day. This is the first time I want to show you what I’ve collected for the shooting. I’m very excited because I definitely want to turn into a sexy Versaille maiden.
The bodice is custom made. I was searching so long for the best bodice. Then I decided to order one. Thanks to Damsel in this Dress

There is just one thing I would love to have for this shooting: a baroque wig. I found wigs I felt in love with but I guess I never can pay them. What do you think about them?

Copyrighted (c) Maskenzauber

LotR – Warrior Shooting

I bought a new pattern for a Lord of the Rings inspired dress. I’m still searching for the right fabric but I can’t wait to sew it. I plan a nice shooting in white dress and of course some warrior poses with weapons made by my brother. (e.g. bow, sword or axe)

Victorian Lady Shoot

I tried a victorian shooting before but it wasn’t the victorian shooting I wanted to do. So I’m searching for the right accessories and clothes for a good shooting. I found a great victorian jacket, but I still need a bustle.

Copyrighted (c) XtraX


2 Comments to “Stock Shootings this Year”

  1. Li-wen Lin says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’m Li-wen Lin, an editor from Taiwan.
    We would like to ask your permission for using one of your photo( as a book cover.

    If you are insterested in this job offer, please send your reply and ideal price(tax-included) for the artwork to,so we could talk about further details.

    Thank you so much.

    best regards,
    Li-wen Lin

  2. Steffi says:

    Du hast hier zwar eine Weile nicht mehr gepostet, aber ich versuche es trotzdem mal: Halloooo erstmal, kennst du mich noch? ;)
    Ich bin’s: die Kröte. Ich sitze gerade an meinem Arbeitsplatz und schwelge total nostalgisch in alten Zeiten. Ich bin durch diverse merkwürige Zufälle und wildes Auf-Links-Klicken auf einen alten User2User Thread von uns im Bloominius Board gestoßen und wollte einfach mal fragen: Wie geht’s dir so? Was machst du inzwischen?

    lg Steffi/Kröte

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