The Need for Nude Stock

First of all: I don’t want to offend anybody. I don’t mean specific people. These are just quick thoughts.

Sometimes I come to this topic – maybe two times in a year. Nude Stock.
Why do we need nude stock? Painters and drawers need naked bodies to study the human body – muscles, bones, sinews etc. Painting human bodies is hard and you really have to know how it works. I had a drawing course and I had to learn how to draw a human. It was hard but very interesting.
Many people know from deviantART what stocks are good for, too. Photomanipulations. A naked body can be the perfect thing to achieve the imagination you have in your mind. People don’t need pretty clothed people for their works all the time.

But there is one big problem I have with nude stock. I don’t think that all nude stockers have this in mind. I don’t understand why people think they should do nude stock just because of the visits. Yes, you get visits with nude stock. You get favs, comments and attention. There are not only artists and art lovers on deviantART. This site is a perfect place for everybody who`s interested in some nude photos. And there are tons of them.
This is nothing against nude stock – this is something against people who need to show pics of their nude body just for attention.

Don’t get me wrong. I like nude stocks. There are some great stockers with amazing poses and ideas. But if you ever browsed deep through the categories of nude model stocks you will find a lot of pics that have nothing to do with real stock – just blurry, dark pictures of people who have to show their boobs, butts and whatever to the world. (Of course not just in the nude stock category) Someone told me because they have low self-esteem – well, this could be one of the reasons.

Actually I don’t care much about what other people do. These are just thoughts because more and more people that I watch decided to do nude stocks. Sometimes I wonder why because their “normal” stocks are great and they don’t need nude stocks. But – of course – I know they just to them for people who could need them.

Will I ever make nude stocks? No.
Maybe you wonder why (while I’m just wondering why I should do it). Do I think I’m pretty? Well, I guess other people think that. But I’m just pleased – with my face and my body. No, I shouldn’t feel ashamed to make nude stock. But WHO needs to see my body? I’m happy and there are hundreds of people who provide nude stock and will provide nude stock in the future. No need for me.

I never will understand why people will ask me for nude stock. They can have my poses with clothes. So why should I do nude stock? Just for all those who interested in my naked body? No, if they like my stock they will like it with clothes. No needs for messages like You should start doing nude photos before you get too old.(Yes, I got this message!)

And I forgot to say: Stock is my hobby. I don’t need people who say that I have to buy special things for my stock. I don’t need people who try to tell me, WHAT I have to do. They don’t pay me. This is not my job. I never will be tired of saying this.

As I said, these are just thoughts. I think I will delete this blog entry later because I don’t need it in the future.

12 Comments to “The Need for Nude Stock”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I have been following your stocks for a while – and while i haven’t ever done any photo manipulations, paintings, drawings, etc. – I enjoy seeing how people use your stock. My brother once used one of your stocks to make a really nice “Celtic” looking digital manipulation with a painted style. I agree with your stating you have no need to do nude stock. It isn’t necessary – your poses with clothing are more than adequate for the majority of art styles – and the various outfits you pose it cover a large multitude of genre. Unfortunately, there is a wide-spread fascination with naked bodies – as you have stated, more often than not, the “nude stock”poses, and many other “nude art” pictures on DA are simply people trying to flaunt their bodies, or draw viewers. I find that most of these don’t have the slightest artistic quality, either: A close up on your breasts doesn’t help anyone artistically. In any way. These types of things are sad attempts to get compliments from people who don’t know you. A person may have low self esteem, as you suggested has been said, but I fail to see how a stranger posting commentary of potentially explicit nature will make your feel better about yourself.

    Ultimately, I agree that you have no need to make a nude stock. I’m glad you’ve started a more official “blog” – and please, don’t delete entries – the point of blogs, as you already know, is to express your thoughts. People who read them will get to understand you more as a person.

    On a side note, I have recently started making copper jewelry – though I hope to expand my repertoire to include other styles and materials. I have some blackened stainless steel, as well as some mild steel projects going on, but the idea is to have a “medieval” look. Should you find yourself in need for a set of stock – I would gladly donate a project at your request!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I totally agree with your thoughts and comments. I love your stock the way it is, and I like

  3. xxx says:

    You’ve got nice tits

  4. Becca says:

    …did you really read the post?

  5. James Adams says:

    Don’t ever change. Your viewpoints are absolutely correct. You’re one of my favorite models for a reason. You are intelligent, as well as beautiful. You have an unique talent for creating the perfect poses that are intriguing and far superior to other stock photography, without the need for nudity. I look forward in purchasing new stock packs in the near future.

  6. Becca says:

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that people understand what I mean. I didn’t want to offend somebody (and people feel offended very easily)
    I don’t like posts like this by me. This is the reason why I like to delete it later. It’s not an important topic I’m writing about :lol:
    You ideas about the jewellery sounds really nice. I’ll look through your gallery!

  7. Becca says:

    Thank you very much, my friend.

  8. Jacob says:

    When posing nude in front of a camera the model and the photographer/artist should both have in mind that it is for art, not just attention. If the photo isn’t taken with art and message in mind, then I do not get why it is uploaded to an art community. Yes, there are different qualities in art depending on the artist and his/her experience with art; some photos looks really amateurish, but as long as the artist considers it art it will at least remain “amateur” art. If the “artist” uploads the photos just because of the comments he/she will recieve, or just out of low self-esteem, I do not find it art. Then it is just a plain photograph. It bothers me whenever I find such material on DeviantArt; I think such people could stick to facebook or some other community for non-artsy photography.

  9. Herman Munster says:

    Mein Englisch ist ziemlich eingeschränkt, aus dem Grund antworte ich auf deutsch. Ich sage mal so: Ich würde bei deinen Bilder keinen Sinn sehen wenn dazwischen plötzlich Nacktfotos oder Aktfotos auftauchen würden. Das sollte man auch einfach so respektieren. Auch wenn das Bild mit dem Kleid mich beim Zeichnen fast in den Wahnsinn getrieben hätte (-g-), würde ich auch weiterhin die Bilder favourisieren wie du sie bisher gemacht hast.

  10. doredore says:

    I totally agree with you.. and i love your stock

  11. jaggu79 says:

    u are absolutely right…..:-) i love working with ur stock:-)

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